Work experience is so crucial we’ve made it part of our curriculum.

Many graduates are unable to get jobs because they lack basic skills that employers want: effective writing and communication, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, emotional intelligence and more. We bridge the gap between education and industry and give you the platform to implement the skills you develop in the classroom directly into the real world through our internships programmes.

EIOSH’s Career Development Team (CDT) supports students throughout the internship process and offers workshops and services ranging from mock interviews to resume drafting, work etiquette, professional emails and the skills necessary to prepare them for the real working world.

EIOSH is developing  OSH professionals who can add value to organizations like yours from day one.

We have selected  top 20 organisations and companies for a rigorous and innovative internship programme which hones our student’s OSH,leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Our approach teaches our students to master the skills that the employers are demanding in this 21st Century. This internship programme helps our students demonstrate skills such as proactive problem solving, innovative thinking, effective communication, and teamwork.

In partnership with top employers, we prepare  our students to have the skills and mindsets needed to leapfrog OSH Innovations to the next level.