Develop your skills

At EIOSH we develop skills in our graduates to ensure they remain relevant even as the world changes. We also develop our students intellectually, provides them with work experience using a holistic approach. Our aims are to train entrepreneurial, ethical leaders for Uganda and the world. Although based in Uganda, EIOSH welcomes students from the East African community and beyond.

Our Learning Model is governed by the 7 Meta Skills we have identified as necessary skills for any graduate to be highly effective in the real world. Within these 7 Meta Skills are Core Skills that make up the tangible skill-sets we apply on a daily basis from writing to quantitative reasoning, research and more. Our Leadership Core is the platform targeted at helping you develop these skills.

The Leadership Core is made up of four courses:


Learn how to understand data and its implications in the real world


Develop the necessary skills to communicate in a professional setting


Discover the soft skills needed to make a great leader


Engage in real life work similar to working in an actual organisation