At EIOSH, we resist the pressure to conduct tertiary education the way it has always been done. We challenge existing beliefs so that we only keep what works, and reimagine the rest. Our mission is to produce an OSH oriented generation to better serve the world in the 21st century. We prepare students for a successful and meaningful life and career with a shared vision for a better World.

To cater the fast growing demand from various quarters there is only one licensed Training Institute in Uganda to deliver professionally competent personnel in Environment, Health and Safety. Exceed Institute Of Occupational Safety and Health (EIOSH) has taken the enterprising step to reach out to the youth, offering them a Health and safety professional career opportunity & 100% placement assistance which if grasped has the potential to change their life as below for the better within a year of enrolment. With the exploration of oil and gas in Uganda its projected that over 100,000 jobs will be provided in infrastructure including the refinery, pipelines and storage facilities; this will increase employment opportunities, especially in engineering, procurement, construction, environmental consultancy, civil works, among others. A significant number of jobs will be created in the refinery and the distribution sector, its from this notion therefore that you position your self to benefit from this enterprise by applying for a course at Exceed Institute Of Occupational Safety and Health.


Preparation for Tomorrow’s World:

In an ever-changing world, narrow academic theory quickly loses relevance. Therefore we go beyond just giving you a solid academic grounding in Occupational safety and health. We also develop skills like leadership, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, communication and teamwork—skills that will always be relevant for the jobs of tomorrow.

Engaging Learning

We employ the most innovative and effective methods of teaching and learning. The learning environments we provide for our students plays a critical role in delivering the type of transformative educational experience that EIOSH aspires to deliver. To deliver this transformative educational experience the Institute has developed and implemented a holistic approach by providing a conducive learning environment, thus maximising the benefit to students on the human, physical and virtual resources.


At EIOSH, we believe that creativity is fostered by experience and exposure. Every graduate in the 21st century should be able to think entrepreneurially. Therefore, you learn the skills that make entrepreneurs—how to solve problems with limited resources, how to think innovatively, how to form and lead teams in any project.

Education Meets the Real World:

We break down barriers between academia and the real world. You will solve real problems for real organizations. We design our curriculum with employers and other relevant stakeholders to ensure that they are Approachable, Applicable, Adaptable, Appraisable and Affordable. Each year, in our undergraduate and postgraduate programs student spend 8 months on campus and 4 months in the workplace, ensuring you have 8 months of practical experience by the time you graduate.



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