Unlike many jobs, there is a real chance to grow and progress with a career in environment, health and safety. The fact that it is now a legal requirement for businesses to have their work and premises inspected means that there are always jobs available.

These requirements mean that there are a large number of professional and recognized qualifications to do and you can become a specialist in a whole host of areas.

These awards and certificates can really help to boost your CV and put you in a good position for promotion. Health and safety is big business and, with the industry constantly evolving thanks to government legislation, jobs in this sector are very secure. There are now firm rules in place as to what is required from a business and these regulations must be overseen by qualified professionals. Obtaining the relevant qualifications to become a health and safety inspector or surveyor, gives applicants the opportunity to work all over the world.



1. Exceed Institute of Occupational Safety and health will be carrying out admissions to the Institute. Admission to each of the programmes will be based on merit ranking as per the ability rating as detailed in the admission criteria

2. Tuition fees are as enlisted in the table below per program
2.1 Tuition fee is payable at the time of registration in the beginning of each semester at the rate of 50% for both Diploma and Certificate programmes.The remaining 50% of the fees must be paid by the mid of the semester. The tuition fee which is exclusive of stipend will increase at the rate of 2% per year.
2.2 For other details, please visit the EIOSH website.(www.eiosh.ac.ug)

3. Requirements for admission to our Programmes.
3.1 All qualified students seeking admission will have to produce the following documents:

1. National Identity Card.
2.Passport size Coloured Photo
3.Graduate Qualifications
4. Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education(UACE)
5. Uganda of Education(UCE)

4. The eligibility criteria for the different programmes are listed below:

S/ No.Course CodeProgrammeDurationEligibility CriteriaTuition per semester (Ugx)Programme Cost (Ugx)
1.TCGISHTechnical Certificate in General Industry Safety and Health2 yearsDistinction or credit in math, physics, chemistry and English at O’ level or its equivalent.855,0003,420,000
2.TCOGSTechnical Certificate in Oil and Gas Operation Safety6 months
8 months
A’ level Certificate with at least 2 principle passes or its equivalent and preferably having had a credit in Maths in ‘O’ level
With a foundation Course for non-Science Students
3.COSHCertificate in Occupational Safety and Health6 monthsMinimum of ‘O’ level Certificate with a Technical certificate from a recognized Institution2,090,000
4.CMHSCertificate in Medical Health and Safety Program6 monthsMedical practitioners who want to enhance their safety and health skills in the medical field1,050,000
1.DOSHDiploma in Occupational Safety and Health2 years‘A’ level Certificate with at least 2 principle passes or its equivalent and preferably having had a credit in Maths in ‘O’ level.1,150,0004,600,000


1.Examination fee100,000
2.Field work practice fee100,000
3.Convocational fee100,000
4.Certificate and Transcripts25,000
5.Identity card10,000
6.Admission fee30, 000
7.Library fee30,000
8.Guild fee3,000
9Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)175,000

Morning0930-1130Hrs 0930-1130Hrs0930-1130Hrs 0930-1130Hrs0930-1130Hrs
Afternoon1400-1600Hrs 1400-1600Hrs1400-1600Hrs 1400-1600Hrs1400-1600Hrs
Evening1700-1900Hrs 1700-1900Hrs1700-1900Hrs 1700-1900Hrs1700-1900Hrs